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Mayor honors company for digital imaging center.
March 30, 2003 | The Miami Herald

Physician Alberto Eiber accepted a proclamation March 7 from Hialeah Mayor Raul Martinez honoring Eiber Radiology as the first completely digital imaging medical diagnostic center in Florida. Four city commissioners attended the presentation, which took place during a reception held at Eiber Radiology's three-building campus at 49 W 49th St. "This is a milestone not only for the city of Hialeah but for the entire state of Florida,"Martinez said.

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Bedside Manner / Radiologist treats Patients.
March 14-20, 2003 | South Florida Business Journal

Danielle Spiegelman's stomachache three years ago triggered a journey her mother, Debbie will never forget. Then in fourth grade, Danielle complained to the school nurse. The nurse called Debbie, who picked up Danielle from school and drove to the child's pediatrician. The pediatrician suggested an abdomen ultrasound. Debbie, a mammography patient at Eiber Radiology in Hialeah, knew Dr.Eiber as a physician armed with the latest generation of digital equipment. Eiber promptly examined Danielle's tiny appendix. "I saw the look of concern on his face; he said Danielle needed her appendix out," Debbie said.

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Digital versus film X-rays.
March 14-20, 2003 | South Florida Business Journal

By Stephen Van Drake

Digital imaging, which replaces film radiology, offers more accurate diagnosis and a quicker, less invasive way to diagnose and treat patients, said Dr. David S. Schwartz, head of thoracic (chest) imaging for Jackson Memorial Hospital and associate professor at the University of Miami Medical School.

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Digital Mammography coverage
Monday, July 14, 2003 | WSVN Channel 7

Air Date: 07/07/2003
Reported By: Marilyn Mitzel
Producer: Karin Matz

Breast cancer remains a top killer for women. But now, regular mammograms are being replaced by digital mammograms. We'll show the pros and cons of this new technology.

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Eiber offering superior breast cancer detection.
Aug 24 - Sept. 6 2004 | Florida Medical Business

HIALEAH-Eiber Radiology has acquired the new ImageChecker Computer Aided Detection (CAD) system for use in breast cancer screening to assist radiologists in minimizing false negative readings during mammograms.

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